“Hear To End It All seduce and destroy…dark, unsettling, and terrifying…”

“Scourge of Woman (is)…nine terrifying tracks that sound like Von Spain’s spiritual bloodletting, as her words are delivered with a ferocity and power that’s impossible to avoid. This music is the voice of women abandoned, and she and Masao aren’t going to sit idly by and watch it happen. The intensity and anger that pours from this record is so forceful, you practically can feel it crack through your chest cavity, damaging your heart.”

“To End It All‘s Scourge of Woman full-length sounds like what would happen if drone/doom purveyors Khanate were forced into a blender with noisemakers Pharmakon and Lingua Ignota and forced to conduct devilish rituals.”

“ atomic blast of an album—terrifying, and wonderful, and completely devastating.”

“To End It All’s debut is a monument to noise, anguish and righteous, burning rage; abrasive and chaotic, yet subtle and restrained, defiantly refusing to coddle the listener. …a challenging beast… one of the most discomforting listening experiences I’ve ever had, on par with or exceeding much of Portal or Dodecahedron’s work…”

“…a horrific, apocalyptic noise-scape full of the sounds of destruction, terror, and what sounds like skyscrapers being leveled.”